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Saturday April 20th 2024


He Who Hesitates Is Lost: Where Do the Yanks Sit After Missing Out on Cliff Lee?

who hesitates is lost. Or, in my experience, he who sleeps in misses the bus.

The Yankees were looking good. The assumed front-runners to nab Cliff Lee, the Yankees somehow lost him to a late arrival to the party, the Philadelphia Phillies. Apparently, Lee decided on Philly because of the "fans and a great atmosphere" and also hinted that it may have been what his wife wanted.

Whatever the case, Philadelphia is sure to have a "Merry Cliff-mas" and "Happy Hol-Lee-Days" this year, while Cashman and the Yankee front office friends are and will most likely continue to scratch their heads wondering what the hell happened.

When they recover from that, they are faced with some daunting problems.

The first of which is how they will ...

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