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Sunday June 23rd 2024


MLB Offseason Report: Mariano Rivera Hopes to Recruit Andy Pettitte For 2011

Yankees have been doing a lot of waiting this offseason. They waited for Cliff Lee to choose his team. They waited for Derek Jeter to accept their offer. Then they stayed put a while too long and lost out on Zach Greinke. Now they await a decision from Andy Pettitte as to whether or not he will pitch in 2011. 

The Yankees starting rotation for 2011 may be in shambles if Pettitte chooses not to return. A few days ago, Brian Cashman said that he would not pressure Pettitte into making a decision quickly. Now there are reports surfacing that Mariano Rivera may be making a phone call to his long-time teammate to see if he can return to the mound in 2011. 

Cashman is optimistic about 2011 when he spoke, saying that he will bring back a 95-win ...

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