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Saturday October 24th 2020


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Yankees 2011 Leadoff Man: With Jeter’s Clock »

For the past two seasons, Derek Jeter has been leading off for the New York Yankees after spending many years in the two-hole. At the beginning of 2009, Joe Girardi explained that Jeter was a "more pure" lead-off man than Johnny Damon. Speculation has it that it was also because Jeter frequently hits into double-plays. The move certainly didn't do [...]

He Who Hesitates Is Lost: Where Do the Yanks Sit After »

He who hesitates is lost. Or, in my experience, he who sleeps in misses the bus. The Yankees were looking good. The assumed front-runners to nab Cliff Lee, the Yankees somehow lost him to a late arrival to the party, the Philadelphia Phillies. Apparently, Lee decided on Philly because of the "fans and a great atmosphere" and also hinted that it [...]

Yankees-Rangers ALCS: 10 Bold Predictions »

The World Series. One of the most sacred events in the sports world. It goes without saying that getting there takes intense preparation, heart, skill and a little bit of luck. The 162-game regular season is a grind, and it all boils down to even more baseball—October baseball, AKA: baseball at its finest. The Yankees have done all of [...]

ALCS 2010: Yankees Better Off Facing the Rays in ALCS »

All season long, Yankee fans have rooted against the Rays. Especially down the stretch, when both teams were locked in an epic battle for the AL East crown. There were some epic moments, too. Like Robbie Cano's homer. Or arguably the best-pitched game by two teams in a game this season, with Sabathia and Price on top of their games. And of course, [...]

Derek Jeter Hit By Pitch, Not: Why This Is Part Of The »

Derek Jeter cheated. Derek Jeter—the ultimate role-model, leader, and winner—cheated. So people say. However, it really is just part of the game. For those who haven't seen or don't know about the incident in the Yankees-Rays game at Tropicana Field on Wednesday night (and if you call yourself a Yankees fan and haven't, I'm guessing [...]

New York Yankees Resting Brett Gardner Until the »

As many Yankee fans know, Brett Gardner had a negative MRI on his wrist recently. The Yanks decided to give the speedy left fielder a corristone shot, which for a few days would make it near impossible for Gardner to swing a bat. Since he hurt the wrist when he was hit by a pitch in an interleague game against the Dodgers, we've [...]

Painting the Playoff Picture: New York Yankees Look To »

As of September 12th, the Yankees are 87-56, a half game up on the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East. The division will be at stake with the crucial upcoming Rays series in St. Petersburg.The playoffs seem to be a lock for the Bombers, barring any Mets' style collapse over the course of the month (knock on wood), so let's take a look at some [...]

New York Yankees: Why Francisco Cervelli Will Have To »

Let me start off by saying this: I love Francisco Cervelli. I love his game, love his heart. He calls a better game than most guys who have been around much longer than him, and boy, is he swinging a hot bat right now. But no matter how much I love Cervelli, he will have to wait his turn to be the New York Yankees' full-time backstop. Because for [...]

Sorting out the Positives and Negatives in New York as »

As April draws to a close, the New York Yankees find themselves 15-7, 1.5 games behind the first-place Tampa Bay Rays. It was a good month for the Yankees, especially considering the slow start last year. So far, we've seen some really good, promising things. We've also seen some not-so-good things. So what are the positives and negatives? Shall [...]

What Can The Yankees Expect From AJ Burnett Every Five »

When at his best, AJ Burnett is one of the best pitchers in baseball. When Burnett is at his best, he is dominant. When he is at his best is the key. Every other time, he seems downright terrible. The last World Series was a prime example. Burnett started Game Two. He was brilliant, giving up one lonely run and scattered four hits [...]

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