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Sunday May 19th 2024


Sorting out the Positives and Negatives in New York as April Closes

April draws to a close, the New York Yankees find themselves 15-7, 1.5 games behind the first-place Tampa Bay Rays. It was a good month for the Yankees, especially considering the slow start last year.

So far, we've seen some really good, promising things. We've also seen some not-so-good things. So what are the positives and negatives?

Shall we?



The Positives


1) Robinson Cano

Since he was a rookie, Yankee fans have been talking about what a great kid he was and how much potential he has. Through his first five years, Cano put up very good, consistent numbers.

Yet, he still had some bonehead moves, wasted at-bats, and some immaturity. We would ...

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