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Tuesday June 25th 2024


New York Yankees: Why Francisco Cervelli Will Have To Wait His Turn

me start off by saying this: I love Francisco Cervelli.

I love his game, love his heart.

He calls a better game than most guys who have been around much longer than him, and boy, is he swinging a hot bat right now.

But no matter how much I love Cervelli, he will have to wait his turn to be the New York Yankees' full-time backstop.

Because for now, it's Jorge Posada's job.


Because he deserves it.

He's hung in there. He's part of the core four. He's done so much for this team, and now, he is worthy of some respect.

Maybe it's because of his five World Series rings, or because of his 15 years (and counting) wearing pinstripes.

It could be the fact that he's one ...

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