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Saturday April 20th 2024


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2011 MLB News: Bartolo Colon and the Filling of the »

A $189 million payroll can buy a team a lot. A Hall-of-Fame infield, a top of the rotation ace, and the best closer in baseball are just a few of the players that the Steinbrenner's covet and signed to exorbitant contracts.But does any of it work without adequate pitching?The Yankees are looking at their fourth and fifth starters, and are [...]

New York Yankees’ King of the Hill: CC Sabathia »

CC Sabathia has been one of the few New York Yankee free agent signings over the last five to 10 years that have not received an ounce of criticism. His 40-15 record over that span has a great deal to do with it, but it is also his workhorse mentality that makes him a well-liked figure. His 237.2 innings led the team in 2010; so did his 290 [...]

Derek Jeter: Why the New York Yankees Star Is Not »

No Yankee fan in their right mind would say that they prefer anyone else to Derek Jeter at the shortstop position for the 2011 New York Yankees. No Yankee fan would also say that they think Derek Jeter is the same player he was three, five or 10 years ago. But amidst all of the speculation that Jeter will be moving to the Yankees outfield within [...]