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Thursday May 23rd 2024


Derek Jeter: Why the New York Yankees Star Is Not Going Anywhere

Yankee fan in their right mind would say that they prefer anyone else to Derek Jeter at the shortstop position for the 2011 New York Yankees. No Yankee fan would also say that they think Derek Jeter is the same player he was three, five or 10 years ago.

But amidst all of the speculation that Jeter will be moving to the Yankees outfield within the next few years, there is logic to be sorted out as to why this does not make sense.

The argument

Jeter’s numbers were well below his standard of a good season. He hit .270 with an equally underwhelming on-base percentage, and a below average slugging percentage. He is no longer able to make many of the plays in the hole between third and short, and regularly misses plays that a great ...

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