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Sunday May 19th 2024


New York Yankees’ King of the Hill: CC Sabathia in Shape, Ready for a Title Run

Sabathia has been one of the few New York Yankee free agent signings over the last five to 10 years that have not received an ounce of criticism.

His 40-15 record over that span has a great deal to do with it, but it is also his workhorse mentality that makes him a well-liked figure.

His 237.2 innings led the team in 2010; so did his 290 pounds. This young man from California has from time to time been mistaken for a left tackle, not a starting pitcher.

Luckily for the Yankees, Sabathia can stay on the mound and fire strike after strike, hitting corners and fooling opposing batters.

But this offseason, after having his knee surgically repaired, Sabathia and the team decided it was time for him to get serious about losing ...

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