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Saturday April 20th 2024


2011 MLB News: Bartolo Colon and the Filling of the New York Yankees Rotation

$189 million payroll can buy a team a lot. A Hall-of-Fame infield, a top of the rotation ace, and the best closer in baseball are just a few of the players that the Steinbrenner's covet and signed to exorbitant contracts.

But does any of it work without adequate pitching?

The Yankees are looking at their fourth and fifth starters, and are getting increasingly worried as to who will fill the void of a team contending for a World Series title. 

It is no secret that the team lost out on Cliff Lee, who would have been a workhorse for the Bronx Bombers. They now turn to both over-the-hill and under-the-radar pitchers to piece together a rotation.

Here is the Yankee rotation from top to bottom.

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