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Sunday April 21st 2024


Yankees Phenom Luis Severino Too Good to Be Traded for Cole Hamels, David Price

class="ui-droppable">NEW YORK — Kids are all the rage in the major leagues these days, to the point that one scout was saying this week he'd rather have 20-year-old Carlos Correa than just about any player in the game.

"Not for the future," he said. "For now."

So what's wrong with the New York Yankees relying on a 21-year-old starting pitcher?

Nothing. Nothing at all, especially when the kid is as talented and grounded as Luis Severino seems to be.

Watch Severino pitch, even once, and it seems obvious the Yankees were right not to consider trading him for David Price, Cole Hamels or anyone else they could have gotten. Talk to Severino, even once, and you start thinking maybe his Yankees teammates are right when they ...

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