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Sunday April 21st 2024


What Was the Last MLB “Superteam” to Actually Earn the Hype?

class="ui-droppable">NEW YORK — The best team ever didn't win.

No, that's not right. By definition, the best team ever is one that won.

However, the "BEST TEAM EVER!" didn't.

It was the 2011 Boston Red Sox, and we know it now as the team that collapsed in a mess of beer and fried chicken. But the day before Opening Day, we knew it as the team the Boston Herald called the "BEST TEAM EVER!"

"I thought we were good," Terry Francona said Thursday. "And we were good, until the middle of September. We were on pace to win 100 games."

They didn't win, and it cost Francona his job as manager (and allowed him to move on to Cleveland, where he still looks much happier than he did in Boston). They didn't win, ...

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