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Saturday June 15th 2024


Yankees Need to Switch Nick Swisher, Brett Gardner in Fenway

who's to blame for the Yankees' latest Fenway Park implosion?

Could it be the staff ace, CC Sabathia, for relaxing after his team gave him a four-run lead? Should we point the finger at Chan Ho Park for giving up a puny 311-foot homer to little Dusty Pedroia? Or maybe the good ol' Green Monster itself is at fault for robbing Alex Rodriguez of a home run, but awarding the Sox' second baseman with a round-tripper for his seemingly routine fly ball to the right field corner.

But none of those things had a bigger impact on the Yanks' Beantown demise than the play of their outfielders, in particular, Nick Swisher. Swisher, who's been a defensive liability since joining the team in 2009, did very little to ward off Randy Winn, a much more sound defensive ...

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