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Sunday April 21st 2024


Is CC Sabathia Signed To the New York Yankees for Too Many Years?

Yankees fan has to be wondering about a certain contract today with regard to their ace, CC Sabathia, after last night's opening against the Boston Red Sox. What's nearly as bad is that he was drubbed twice, in spring training, by the otherwise lowly Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sabathia, like almost any other player, has his "streaks." He pitched a great 2007 season for the Cleveland Indians, then "choked" in the ALCS that year, against Boston no less. 

Last year, he came on strong in the second half, carrying this strength into the postseason. But his streak may have been broken this spring.

But the problem with signing Sabathia, or anyone else, to a seven-year contract, has to do with a longer term issue. The "half life" of an average ...

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