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Thursday May 30th 2024


Yankees’ Mickey Mantle: Greatness, Respect, and Affection

is still a popular pastime, especially by those in the media, to claim that we will never know how great Mickey Mantle might have been.

Fine, but it is much better to remember his greatness, and of greater importance, how he was and is still loved and respected.

Mickey exhibited self-destructive behavior, was obsessed with the belief that he would die of Hodgkins disease, and treated fans badly as often as he treated them well. He didn't take care of himself because of fear dying young.

Former New York Yankees' catcher Johnny Blanchard related a revealing incident.

He and Mickey were watching "The Honeymooners" at the St.Moritz Hotel. Mickey asked Blanchard if he had ever thought about dying. Johnny didn't answer. He continued watching Jackie ...

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