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Saturday May 25th 2024


Derek Jeter: Is He Being Stubborn, or Does He Know What He’s Doing?

all know the story. Derek Jeter had the worst statistical season of his career in 2010, but thanks to his reputation and the Yankees' deep pockets, he was still rewarded with a three-year, $51 million contract.

Is he too old? Should the Yankees have let him walk? Will he ever regain the form that made him into one of the best players in a generation?

Those are the questions that Jeter needs to answer.

Wasting no time, and humbly recognizing his shortcomings, Jeter worked with Yankee hitting coach Kevin Long to change his swing. Jeter abandoned the swing that made him a star for one that would keep him a star, or at least keep the bull's-eye off his back.

The early returns were positive, as Yankee fans were delighted to ...

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