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Wednesday May 29th 2024


Yankees’ Curtis Granderson: Player of the Series

big series gone, many more to go.

This opening series was a great one for the Yankees, taking two of three from the Red Sox at Fenway.

Many good efforts went into this series, but the one that seemed to stand out to me was Curtis Granderson's.

First off, his first at-bat as a Yankee was an absolute bomb into the bullpens at Fenway.

He also made a couple of excellent plays in the outfield, one of which included him looking over the shoulder and catching the ball while running into the wall.

All together, he went 4-12, stole a base, and hit a second dinger in the third game of the series, in the 10th inning, in a tie game. That homer played a huge role in helping the Yankees win a three game set against their ...

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