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Thursday May 30th 2024


Why Joe Torre, Not Casey Stengel, Is the Best Manager in Yankees History

is the best second baseman in Yankees history? It's probably not who you'd expect. Click here to find out. On the other hand, the franchise player is probably EXACTLY who you think it is. Click here for that piece.)

This is the culmination of my MASSIVE Yankees all-time team, which took me around two dozen hours to complete between research and the writing. It's also the last piece that I will post on SBSB, with the whole 6,000-word epic hitting BaseballDigest.com tomorrow. I will link you to the entire piece when it is launched.

But for now...


Manager: Joe Torre 

“What, what, WHAT?! Torre over Casey Stengel? Joe Torre over the same guy who took the Yankees to 10 pennants and seven titles ...

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