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Thursday May 30th 2024


MLB Power Rankings: The 15 Easiest Hall of Famers in History to Strike out

hitters in the Hall of Fame are there because they did great things with the bat. 

However, some were also just as likely to swing and miss as they were to hit over .300 or bash 40 or more home runs.

Just because the title says "easiest to strike out" doesn't mean it was simple to do so; it's just that, when a pitcher faced them, they had a pretty good chance of striking them out.

Here are the 15 Hall of Famers (plus one active player that is potentially a Hall of Famer) that were "easy" to strike out, ranked in order from lowest to highest in regards to strikeout rate per plate appearance (why plate appearances instead of at-bats? Because I wanted to see how many times they struck out compared to the number of ...

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