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Thursday June 13th 2024


Why Do the New York Yankees Keep Trusting A.J. Burnett?

a New York Yankees fan is reading this, you might just go on to comment how dumb this is, saying how Burnett will turn things around. 

Hold on a second, you can't disagree that he is the most inconsistent pitcher in all of baseball today.

I know how it hurts to hear it considering the fact that I'm a Yankees fan, but it's true.

With Burnett starting on the mound, you can see a no-hitter one day, and a one IP outing with five ER allowed the next. Though most of the time the second saying is what usually happens.

His stats line up at 9-12 with an ERA of 5.17. I wouldn't want him as my No. 2 starter in the postseason. 

The only reliable arm in the rotation for October is CC Sabathia.

Phil Hughes ...

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