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Friday June 21st 2024


Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle Had to Be Good Boys

1958, Whitey Ford led the American League with a 2.01 ERA, winning 14, losing seven, and pitching 219 and one-third innings.

Mickey Mantle batted .304 with an American League-leading 42 home runs.

Yankees general manager George Weiss wanted to cut Ford's salary by $8,000 and Mantle's by $5,000 for the 1959 season.


Whitey Ford Had to Be a "Good Boy."

When Ford and Mantle reported for spring training, the Yankees offered to eliminate Whitey's pay cut and give him the same $35,000 salary that he had received in 1957, but with a catch. The contract imposed certain conditions.

Ford had to promise the Yankees that he would be a "good boy." He had to obey all of the club's rules, not miss any trains ...

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