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Friday June 21st 2024


Daily Random Sports Thoughts 14: WE WANT PIE!!!

to the 13th edition of "Daily Random Sports Thoughts!"

For those not familiar, I pick a team, player, or any other topic in sports that I have five random thoughts about. If you like 'em, read 'em! I try to get them on here every day!

Today's lucky random sports topic is...PIE!

1) Who cares about AJ Burnett's record? We should have him under contract just for slappin' guys in the face with pie! It's just like something out of a Nintendo Wii carnival game!!!

2) The best walkoff ever? Nick Swisher! Why? Because he didn't wipe the shaving cream (or whipped cream—it all looks the same on a guy's face) off!

3) We should all feel sorry for Derek Jeter! Only starting position player who ...

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