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Thursday June 13th 2024


Rich Harden: Free Agent at the End of the Season

the course of his career, Rich Harden has been a maddeningly frustrating pitcher. At times, Harden looks like the best pitcher on the planet because he has the stuff to be one of the most dominating pitchers in baseball.

But every year it seems as though Harden's progression is set back by injuries. Since 2005, Harden has spent ample time every year on the DL and and a result, has yet to establish himself as one of the top pitchers in baseball.

If anything, Harden is still somewhat of an unknown. Everyone knows that he can be dominant, but can he actually stay on the field long enough to strut his stuff?

How will the market line up for Rich Harden? Let's take a look:

The Case for Rich Harden


The best thing that ...

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