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Thursday May 30th 2024


Did the New York Yankees Get a Positive Return on Investment?

class="MsoNormal">By Ryan of The Sportmeisters

Even in the recession America is facing today, the biggest financial powerhouses in baseball, the New York Yankees, still found a way to spend near $500 million dollars to three players—pitchers CC Sabathia (seven years, $161 million) and AJ Burnett (five years, $82 million), and 1B Mark Teixeira (eight years, $180 million).

Was it helpful?  The Yankees did clinch the AL East and homefield advantage after missing the playoffs last season, but let’s go inside at each of the Big Three’s performance.  Putting on my accountant’s hat, I’ll rate whether, in year one, each player has put the Yankees in the red or the black.


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