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Sunday April 14th 2024


New York Yankees and Derek Jeter Prioritize Long-Term Financial Future

Jeter has embodied what it means to put on the Yankees pinstripes and be the captain of the most captivating, hated and loved team in all of professional sports.  Despite all of his contributions—nearly 3,000 hits, nearly 250 home runs, countless 200 hit-100 run seasons—emotion needs to be taken out of the negotiations. 

The truth is that eventually the New York Yankees will need to move away from the “core four” who all have legitimate shots to be enshrined in Cooperstown for their winning pedigree, and giving Jeter a deal that doesn’t affect their long term financial situation would really help the team win. 

If they are able to give Jeter a fair market deal of which one anonymous MLB executive is between ...

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