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Sunday November 28th 2021


Derek Jeter: The Ridiculous, Stupid, Clueless Speculation Continues

Jeter’s 10-year, $189 million contract with the New York Yankees came to an end with the final out of the 2010 World Series. With that, thousands of clueless neanderthals began speculating on his possible future.

Free agency now beckons the 36-year-old whose future suddenly appears to be murky after coming off the worst offensive year of his illustrious career.

I suppose I should clarify the aforementioned statement. His future is only murky to those that are totally clueless in the way of the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter.

Consider this column an open letter to the buffoons, be they professional writers or Red Sox fans, that actually wasted their time and mine by even speculating on Jeter’s future as anything but ...

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