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Thursday May 23rd 2024


MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Pitching Targets for Teams Missing Out on Cliff Lee

Lee’s imminent free-agent destination is no certainty yet, but there’s one reason he would re-sign with the Rangers (his family) and 160,000,000 proverbial reasons he would sign with the Yankees.  Maybe there is a chance his family is reason enough to sign with the Rangers, but, as we have often learned this time of year: the Yankees + desperation mode = new Yankees.  Think for a moment of the last time you remember the Yankees turning up as offseason losers and you will understand the likelihood they lose out on Lee.

But the rest of the league, known as "Other 28," still could make waves by adding starting pitchers this offseason.  Some teams are blessed with an abundance of arms, while others are cursed with low revenues and ...

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