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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Cliff Lee: Did a Few Foolish Fans Cost the Yankees in the 2010 MLB Offseason?

anyone with any interest in professional baseball, the past few weeks have been very interesting.  

We've all watched, sometimes a bit puzzled, as Cliff Lee's agent Darek Braunecker turned the winter meetings in Orlando into his own personal three-ring circus.  We've all waited with bated breath to find out...where will he sign?

Will it be New York?  Will it be back to Texas?  Who are the "mystery suitors"? Washington can't be a real option, can it?

At first, his refusal to take offers, first and most notably from the Yankees, turned some heads.  Then, when the Rangers essentially offered him a blank check and he basically sent it back, well that certainly at least got my attention.  

Not only ...

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