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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


MLB Rumors: How the New York Yankees Match Up with the Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners seem like one of the only teams that are for sure selling their players. They have absolutely no shot at winning the division or wild card and will be trading away some moderately key players on the team.

At first when I saw the two major pitchers the Mariners are looking to move, I rejected the idea of the New York Yankees trading for them. To me, they did not seem like the best option on the market. Right now, it looks like there is a possibility that nothing happens at the deadline, so a trade with the Mariners could end up being an option for the Yankees.

Doug Fister is a name that does not exactly come up often in discussions for a semi-high caliber starter for the Yankees. If you look at stats alone, you could see the reason ...

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