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Thursday May 30th 2024


MLB: Roger Maris Overcame the Pressure, the Criticism and the Inane Questions

can't they understand? I don't want to be Babe Ruth. He was a great ballplayer. I'm not trying to replace him. The record is there, and damn right I want to break it, but that isn't replacing Babe Ruth."

Roger Maris lived under constant stress and suffocating, unrelenting pressure as he pursued Babe Ruth’s single-season home run mark. Not even Ruth endured such a situation.

The distance Maris’ home runs traveled was criticized. He would walk up to the plate, step into the left-handed hitter’s batter box, take a practice swing with his 33-ounce bat and he was ready.

There is always excitement when a home run is hit, but Maris’ home runs never traveled 500 feet.

"If I hit it just right, it goes about ...

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