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Monday August 10th 2020


Hey, Joe Girardi, Do You Think CC Sabathia Likes the 6-Man Rotation?

Girardi never gives in, which might mean that Joe Girardi is either a slow learner, a non-learner or has succumbed to front office pressure.

Last night, CC Sabathia, who averaged 7.1 innings in his first 28 starts, failed to get to the seventh inning for the third time in his last four games.

Sabathia is a workhorse. Last season he started 34 times, working 237.2 innings. This season, he has made 32 starts and pitched 230 innings. He thrives on work and can handle it.

Like most pitchers, Sabathia is a creature of habit. He has always preferred having four days off between starts, but the New York Yankees have a pitcher that they feel they must start because they gave him a contract that they regret.

Joe Girardi has continually ...

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