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Friday August 19th 2022


MLB Hot Stove: Carl Pavano to the New York Yankees Only If He Pays

player’s name is the last one any New York Yankee player or fan wants to hear: Carl Pavano, also known in the Bronx as the "American Idle.” 

Let me put it this way, for those of you who thought Javier Vazquez was disliked in the Bronx, Pavano makes Vazquez the Yankees prom-king.

Truth remains that Pavano is the next free agent considered to be worthwhile behind Cliff Lee, for at least 29 MLB teams.

Here is my warning...PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Most Yankees fans never saw Pavano on the mound. That is because he only pitched 26 games, with injuries all the way from his shoulder to his buttocks. Pavano had record of 9-8 while in pinstripes, so his option for a fourth year was never going to happen.

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