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Tuesday August 9th 2022


MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees’ Cheapest Cliff Lee Backup Plan

New York Yankees are not being shy about who they want to be in pinstripes in 2011.

Ace Cliff Lee has already been paid a visit by GM Brian Cashman. Lately questions have been raised about Lee being a country bumpkin coming to the Big Apple, and if more money will make a difference in his decision.

One thing is for sure, Mrs. Lee better not step foot into Yankee Stadium if her husband is not in pinstripes.

Regardless, Lee’s Yankee future is not guaranteed. The remaining free-agent options for starting pitchers are bleak in comparison, as none hold a candle to Lee’s kind of talent.

So a backup plan is inevitable. Last week, I talked about three possible alternatives in New York Yankees: Three Possible Cliff Lee ...

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