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Saturday July 20th 2024


Javier Vazquez Isn’t Great, but Maybe Good Enough

Vazquez didn't exactly win his most recent start against the Detroit Tigers. However, he pitched a seven-inning quality start, giving up only two runs in the sixth for the wrong end of a 2-0 tally.

It's as well as he has pitched all season. That's including his nominally victorious 5.1-inning, three-run effort against the light-hitting Oakland As.

More to the point, it was about as well as Vazquez pitched most of last season, except for four of his last six games in which he pitched three seven-inning shutout starts and one complete game with only one run, thereby maximizing his trade value for the Atlanta Braves.

The dynamic is a bit like trading spouses or partners; the old one knows that the "run" can't last, and the new one ...

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