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Friday June 14th 2024


Jason Bay And Johnny Damon Find Themselves In Similar Situations

are a lot of differences between Johnny Damon and Jason Bay. Damon is left-handed and Bay is right-handed. Damon has two World Series rings and Bay has zero. Damon’s game is based primarily on speed and Bay’s game is based primarily on power. Damon is flamboyant and likes to speak his mind, while Bay speaks softly and carries a big stick. Bay and Damon have more similarities than you think, despite some differences. Damon and Bay are both left fielders. They were both a part of Red Sox Nation. Damon and Bay both finished in the top-10 amongst American League outfielders in OPS in 2009.

Perhaps their biggest similarity is that they are both free agents this offseason and both negotiated their way off their former teams.

As I mentioned in ...

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