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Sunday June 16th 2024


2010 New York Yankees Younger, Cheaper, Better Than 2009 Team

is much teeth-gnashing among Yankees fans as they mourn the departure of Hideki Matsui and probable loss of Johnny Damon .  Even here at the Bleacher Report, writers accuse management of penny-pinching at the expense of the team on the field .  These writers are wrong.  Brian Cashman's moves have made the 2010 Yankees younger, cheaper, and better than the championship 2009 team.

To evaluate the Yankees' offseason so far, I will concentrate on their four biggest acquisitions and losses.  The first is the Granderson trade, the second is the Nick Johnson signing, the third is the loss of Hideki Matsui, and the fourth is the potential loss of Johnny Damon.

The biggest move of New York's off-season was the Curtis Granderson trade.  In case ...

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