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Monday May 20th 2024


How Ken Griffey Jr. Inadvertently Made Me a New York Yankees Fan

1993 I was nine years old. I already loved watching baseball but really hadn’t settled on one team.

My dad watched the Yankees, and so did I, but other members of my family watched the Mets, so I watched a fair amount of them too.

The problem with both of those teams, though, was that Don Mattingly already had started looking like I missed his best years, and Darryl Strawberry had already been out of town for a number of years.

At that point somebody else started to draw my interest away from both New York teams—Ken Griffey Jr.

By the start of that season Griffey was already a household name with 87 home runs and seemingly as many highlight reel catches. He was exciting to watch, and unlike Mattingly and Strawberry, ...

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