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Thursday May 30th 2024


Hideki Irabu: Forever a Part of the New York Yankees Family

I first heard the news today of Hideki Irabu's passing, one of the first things that came to mind was a question: Will the Yankees hold a moment of silence for him before tomorrow's game at the Stadium?

As every Yankee fan knows, Irabu's tenure with the team was an unsuccessful one, so much so that when he left, he was forgotten quicker than you could say sayonara.  He was rarely mentioned by the Yankees. It was almost as if he never existed.

So I was a bit surprised when I saw the statement the Yankees released earlier today expressing their sadness over his death. I was particularly touched by one sentence in the statement:

"Every player that wears the Pinstripes is forever a part of the Yankees family...

That is a beautiful ...

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