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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Breaking Down Bryce Harper and Each MLB Team’s Top Prospect

that the mid-point of the season has arrived, why not have some updated scouting reports on each MLB teams' top prospect?

These are the players of the future. The Derek Jeter's, the Albert Pujols's and the Ryan Braun's—who is next to become a star like them? This article doesn't include people who are rookies in the 2011 season.


Boston Red Sox: Jose Iglesias

Jose Iglesias is a young Cuban superstar. He has the ability to easily be the top defender of the league, and he is the future shortstop of the Red Sox. Iglesias also has plus speed and potential to have a good bat once he develops a bit more.

Scouts compare him to Omar Vizquel. He has a bad swing that needs work, but with some polish, you can ...

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