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Monday May 20th 2024


Fantasy Baseball 2011: Should A.J. Burnett Be Put on the Back Burner?

A.J. Burnett putting his struggles from last year on the back burner and performing better this season?  From all indications early, it appears he is.

A mirage, though, can be a dangerous thing in MLB early seasons.  I’ll hold out to see if he can find an oasis this summer.  Read on to find out how I think this season will go for Burnett.

If by back burner you’re thinking in terms of benching him, or holding off on starting him, reflect on A.J.’s latest outing in the park.  It could provide some insight for you.

I can help.  Last Thursday, he took his second loss of the season, but he was pitching a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers into the sixth inning.  He gave up five runs—two ...

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