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Sunday June 20th 2021


Derek Jeter Is Going To Prove You Wrong for Doubting Him

would like to inform you that New York Yankee's shortstop Derek Jeter is a year and a half removed from a season in which he hit .334 over 150-plus games. A season where many people started thinking he could continue producing until he is 40.

Fast forward now to May of 2011 and the warm, fuzzy feelings surrounding Jeter have vanished. Now, criticism from the media is mounting and the hitless games are piling up.

But this is THE Yankee's captain we are talking about here. The man with the most hits for the most prestigious franchise in the most difficult sport. He has been the model of consistency since he broke in to the league 15 years ago.

So here is the case FOR Derek Jeter, the man under such scrutiny.

He is walking at ...

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