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Tuesday December 7th 2021


Derek Jeter: Time for New York Yankees and Their Star To Kiss and Make Up

have to hand it to Hal Steinbrenner: He's more than just a man with a outstanding wave of auburn hair. There are some serious brains under that Superman coif.

Imagine if someone asked you, in one word, to describe the last week of As The Jeter Negotiations Turn. Now throw out "stupid", "awkward", "embarrassing", "unnecessary", and"distasteful". What are you left with?

You said "messy", right? If so, you just came up with the exact word Hal used to describe the then-pending Jeter talks on Michael Kay's radio show in October.

In case you're still in an A.J. Burnett-induced coma, here's a quick rundown of the events of the past seven days:

Sunday: Jeter's agent, Casey Close, makes the calculated decision to bring negotiations into the public ...

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