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Thursday August 5th 2021


Derek Jeter’s True Market Value: How Many Millions Is He Really Worth?

Yankees' original offer of three years, $45 million wasn't good enough. Jeter reportedly is seeking an annual salary of $23-24 million for a four or five-year contract, but New York GM Brian Cashman laughed that one off the table.

So how much is Jeter actually worth? Is it somewhere between $15 million and $25 million? Less than $15 million? More than $25 million?

Here's a statistical breakdown of the market for players who put up similar numbers to Jeter.

By the Numbers

Last season, Jeter had easily the worst year of his career. His batting average dropped to .270, on-base percentage to .340 and slugging percentage to a laughable .370.

His park-adjusted OPS was a putrid 90. He still scored 111 runs, but only ...

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