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Friday September 18th 2020


Alex Rodriguez: Is 3,000 Hits in the Realm of Possibility Upon His 2013 Return?

Alex Rodriguez underwent surgery on his left hip earlier in January, and the recovery time generally takes about six months for the type of procedure he received.

This puts him on track for a July return, but that is currently tentative and depends on how his rehab goes up until that point.

While much attention has been given to Rodriguez's injury, not much attention has been given to the fact that he is currently sitting on 2,901 career hits—just 99 short of the magic 3,000.

This isn't really that unfathomable, though.

Remember the hype surrounding Rodriguez's 500th career home run? Then remember how much less hype was surrounding him for No. 600?

The older Rodriguez gets and the more infamous ...

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