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Monday October 26th 2020


New York Yankees: Why Joba/Youkilis ‘Ignoring Issue’ Is Nothing to Worry About

all know that for the longest time, Joba Chamberlain and Kevin Youkilis haven't liked each other.

It all goes back to Joba's rookie year when he threw over the head of Youkilis, a long-time member of the rival Boston Red Sox, during multiple games back in 2007.

The following year, Joba again threw behind Youkilis, which caused him to take a few steps out to the mound in disgust.

Now, the two are teammates on the Yankees.

Back in December, after Youkilis signed a one-year, $12 million offer from the Yankees to play third base, Joba called Youkilis to welcome him to the team and bury the hatchet on their rivalry of the past.

According to Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News, Youkilis has yet to return Joba's ...

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