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Monday May 20th 2024


A-Rod Merely Slumping or Do New York Yankees Have Another Derek Jeter Problem?

in the media have jumped all over Derek Jeter, while ignoring the fact that Alex Rodriguez is batting .256. Granted, 24 games is a small sample, but after a good start, A-Rod is slumping. Or is it more than merely a slump?

A-Rod has gone through two full seasons without hitting at least .300. In 2009 he hit .286, and last season, he and Jeter each batted .270. The fact that he hit 30 home runs last season got him off the hook, as did his injured hip, but in the age of statistics, the following is interesting.

Rodriguez has averaged 43 home runs over a 162 game season. Last season, he hit 13 fewer home runs than his career average, which was a 30 percent decline.

Jeter has averaged 16 home runs a season over a 162 ...

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