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Saturday January 28th 2023


New York Yankees: How the Chair-Throwing Pinstripes Saved Jerry Springer

there was a sport that included chair-throwing accuracy and the precision of paternity tests, Jerry Springer may have been an All-Star.  But there is only one thing that made Springer’s path to fame possible, and that is the New York Yankees.  

Jerry Springer eventually went on to become Mayor of Cincinnati and have his own trashy talk show for 20 years.  But before that, he was just some lonely kid with a dorky British accent, growing up in Queens.

Gerald Springer arrived in the United States as a six-year-old, after his parents fled England as German refugees during World War II.  In 1950, when he began attending school, he dressed in typical English attire, including blue shorts, a jacket, a bow tie, knee socks and ...

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