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Thursday July 2nd 2020


5 Active Players Who Could Reach 3000 Hit Milestone in the Next Three Years

has long been said that reaching 3000 hits in the Major Leagues guarantees you entry into the Hall of Fame.  Of course that isn’t exactly true, as 28 hitters in the history of the game have reached the milestone, but only twenty four members are currently in the Hall.

To be fair, two of the clubs members aren’t eligible for voting yet.  Eligibility requires that a player be retired for five seasons, or deceased for at least six months, which disqualifies Craig Biggio, who will be eligible for the next Hall of Fame election in 2013, and Derek Jeter, who is still playing. 

When eligible, Jeter is an absolute first ballot hall of famer, and Biggio will likely get in, but probably not on the first try.

The other ...

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