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Saturday July 24th 2021


The Yankees’ One-Trick Pony Offense Will Cost Them October Baseball

New York Yankees offense is capable of doing one thing better than most clubs this season, and that's hit home runs.

To date, the Bombers have hit exactly 76 home runs, tied with the Texas Rangers for the most in baseball. Only one player—centerfielder Curtis Granderson—has more than 10, but the Yankees have six players who have hit at least seven balls out of the park.

So it goes for the Yankees. They led baseball in home runs last season with 222. At this point, they're basically an Earl Weaver ballclub: hope the pitching is good enough and wait for the home runs to come on offense.

To beat the Yankees, all you have to do is keep them in the ballpark.

No, really. As The Journal News was kind enough to point ...

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