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Friday October 30th 2020


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New York Yankees: With Derek Jeter on the DL, Are »

Throughout the season, just how much Derek Jeter had left in the tank was constantly questioned. During the offseason, the Yankees decided whatever Jeter had left was worth $51 million.It wasn't as much as what Jeter felt he was worth, but it was enough to keep Jeter in pinstripes, which in the end was what both sides wanted.But coming off the [...]

New York Yankees Will Have to Settle for Second Best »

There are some things people just can't do.Paint a picture; run a marathon; boil an egg.The New York Yankees simply cannot beat the Boston Red Sox.It's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, most teams can't. But when you're in the same division, competing every year for a playoff spot, the shortcomings are simply more apparent then for other [...]

New York Yankees: “Killer B’s” and »

They say you can't argue with results.The New York Yankees are 20-16, two games behind the first place Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East.Could they be in first place? Sure. After all, it's still only May 14, and there's plenty of baseball to be played.It's a marathon, not a sprint, the optimists will say.But the Yankees are not without their flaws. No [...]

New York Yankees: Rafael Soriano’s Excuses Are »

New York Yankees fans enter every season with larger than life expectations. With the most storied franchise in sports, it's easy to understand why.Every offseason acquistion is the best available; every trade rumor involves the biggest names.Yes, it's safe to say that Yankees fans expect the best and have often received it.It was no different [...]

New York Yankees: Does Joe Girardi Have What It Takes »

It's hard to be a baseball manager. It's even harder to manage in New York City. It's even harder than that to manage the New York Yankees.With pockets deep enough to absorb almost any contract and make any change at any time, the Yankees possess power no team can match.That power has helped them create one of the best top-to-bottom lineups in [...]

Brian Cashman: New York Yankees GM Is Digging His Own »

Open mouth. Insert foot. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman doesn't mind talking to the media. They ask the questions. He gives the answers. But sometimes it's better to think before you speak. This offseason, the Yankees signed left-handed reliever Pedro Feliciano to a two-year, $8 million contract. The reliable lefty was meant to be a key [...]

New York Yankees: There’s No Reason to Drop »

With every ground ball, with every out, the yells for Yankees manager Joe Girardi to drop Derek Jeter in the lineup grow louder. Not a day goes by without somebody saying Jeter needs to move out of the two hole and stop being selfish or stubborn or whatever adjective you want to use. But quite frankly, there's no reason for Girardi to move Jeter [...]

Derek Jeter: Is He Being Stubborn, or Does He Know »

You all know the story. Derek Jeter had the worst statistical season of his career in 2010, but thanks to his reputation and the Yankees' deep pockets, he was still rewarded with a three-year, $51 million contract. Is he too old? Should the Yankees have let him walk? Will he ever regain the form that made him into one of the best players in a [...]

New York Yankees: Was Joe Girardi Right To Pull CC »

Before last night's game, everything was going right for the New York Yankees, more or less.They had taken two of three from the Detroit Tigers to open the season and continued their success against the Minnesota Twins with a 4-3 win on Monday night. Their bullpen had been exactly as advertised, combining for six scoreless innings and Mariano [...]

New York Yankees: Power Ranking the 10 Worst Trades in »

It's hard to argue with results. The Yankees have 27 world championships to their credit and they'll look to bring home No. 28 this season. But it's interesting to consider how many more titles they might have — if not for several bad trades throughout their storied history. Every team has made the wrong move at one time or another, and [...]

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