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Tuesday May 28th 2024


New York Yankees: With Derek Jeter on the DL, Are These the “Real” Yankees?

the season, just how much Derek Jeter had left in the tank was constantly questioned. During the offseason, the Yankees decided whatever Jeter had left was worth $51 million.

It wasn't as much as what Jeter felt he was worth, but it was enough to keep Jeter in pinstripes, which in the end was what both sides wanted.

But coming off the worst statistical season of his career, and although the ink on Jeter's new contract has long-since dried, it was impossible not to imagine this team without Jeter on it.

There were younger options; there were better options. And for a team with as many AARP applicants as the Yankees, youth was a valued commodity.

But to speak of fielding a team that didn't include the face of the franchise ...

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